Megan Glover

Car: Magnetic GT Mustang

Mods: Steeda race wing, lenses on the quarter panel replaced with smoky and lights installed, 20 inch Speedy rims in Candy Red with 295/35/20 rears and 265/35/20 front. Mmd V series side scoops and Mustang Motorsport front window sticker. Pin stripes on the sides.

Location: Bittern Victoria on the Mornington Peninsula

Family: My Mother my Uncle, My husband Billy with 4 step children and 5 Grandchildren and 2 sister in laws and my 2 beautiful Burmese cats that are like my babies.

Sporting Interests: Football, Basketball, Cricket, fishing ( Barramundi ) Darts, car racing.

Favourite Music: Metallica, Techno and modern pop Favourite Movie Lord of the Rings trilogy Fast and Furious Transporter1-2-3 John Wick 1-2-3and hanging for the 4th

Hobbies: Gardening, washing and detailing the car, caravanning/travelling, cooking and cleaning. Making products using essential oils. Favourite Destination Northern Territory/Alice Springs

What do you do to relax? Run a bath, cook, watch Foxtel or Netflix or go for a drive.

Where do you work? Used to be a landscaper then a cook in a girlfriends cafe. I don’t do paid work any longer as I suffer from Cluster Headaches which has prevented me from employment. I’m also caring for my mother since my father passed away last year.

Why a mustang? My father was a Ford man, Billy and I were full on Holden until we saw a 2018 Mustang when I was trying to sell Mums little car. I had always said that for a Ford the Mach 1 looked good for a Ford. When my father passed away he had a pretty serious boat that Billy was just taking out on the water to give it a run. I was never going to get my boat license and I hate fishing down here compared to Darwin, I thought I was going to have to talk Billy into selling the boat but as soon as he saw and heard the mustang start up, he came up with the idea and from then it was ours. This car is very sentimental to me as it’s like a part of Dad, he would have loved it. I have the pin strips on the sides of it with DR GT MUSTANG the DR is my fathers initials of David Rees.

What's your favourite cruise with Melbourne Mustang Club? Would have to be Kilcunda or Gembrook FOR NOW, they were on good roads with less traffic to break up the group and there is no bigger high than looking in front and in the rear view mirror and seeing between 60 and 85 Mustangs lined up. Lake Mountain ( mystery cruise ) is up there too especially as we were following I Am Hulk and he missed the exit off Eastlink and we ended up going through the tunnel twice. The cars sounded awesome in there.

What do you like about Mustang Melbourne Club? The members are laid back, very friendly, not competitive and take time to talk and listen and are extremely supportive on a personal level also. I have made some amazing friends through this club, MMC will always be sentimental to me as it was the first club we joined when we got the mustang and it got me out of the hole I was falling into when I lost my father.

What more would you like to see from Melbourne Mustang Club? I’m into learning more about the car more than Billy, my thoughts would be detailing days on how to properly/professionally clean the car other than that I cannot think of anything else.

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