Marc Giretto aka #1Whine

Updated: Feb 29

Car: Shelby GT500 (2013) Colour: Red on Black Rego: 1 WHINE Lives: Park Orchards Relationship/family: Wife, twin 19yo daughters Sporting interests/teams: F1. Followed Lewis Hamilton from the start of his career Other Interests/hobbies: Food/ cooking and great TV dramas Favourite music: at the moment, Exhale by ZHU. I have a huge varied taste in music from blues to Cuban Jazz, Classical and Drum n Bass Favourite place on Earth: Venice and Railey Beach Have you got any pets? Two beautiful (AND FAST) whippets


How long have you had your Mustang? Going on 7 years

Does it have a nickname? The Shelby

Why did you choose to buy a Mustang? I had a BMW M3 and was pouring money into it to make it track capable... breaking it on Sepang and constantly fixing it. I wanted something that was robust, wouldn’t break and was insanely fast. At the time, Ford were bringing out the GT500 and it ticked all the boxes. As a bonus, it was also the last car Carrol Shelby sanctioned before he passed away. With moving from Singapore to Australia, my wife Davina promised me that I could buy any car I wanted so I went large and got the Shelby - regardless of what it cost... it is my forever car!

Other than your Mustang, what has been your favourite car that you’ve owned? The M3. It was a pleasure and a pain!!

What do you like to do to unwind? Drive!

Tell us something that not many people would know about you: I nearly took on a career as a professional trumpet player ... glad I didn’t, would not have been able to afford a Camry

Anything else you’d like to share? Nah

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