Julian McLean

Car: 2016 GT: ALF-376

Colour: Magnetic

Mods: Mixture of Roush, Steeda, Foose and cheap Chinese!

• Location: Glen Waverley

• Family: Married, one daughter and recent Grandparents!

• Sporting interests: Motorcycle and car racing, all forms!

• Favourite Music: Jimi Hendrix (I play a left handed Fender also!)

• Hobbies: Wine, Photography (including Drones) Motorcycles both old and new, Guitars, Mustangs!!!!

• Favourite place: Apollo Bay

• Relaxing: Motorcycles! (Road and track!)

Purchased the car from Chadstone Ford with 13,000 Ks (now has 19,000) in early 2018; only variance from stock was the factory fade out stripes. Car inherited its nick name (Alfy) from the plates which came with the car, this morphed into the Coyot mascot, now known also as Alfy !

My previous cars (daily drivers) have been BMWs for many years and my last (and one my favourites) was an E92 Pure Edition with a few modifications. I have been a Chrysler fan for many years (have owned so many have lost count!) and my current car is a 1972 Plymouth Roadrunner. My interest in Mustangs started with the first time I saw the Bullitt car chase; then realised (after many years) it was the Mustang I was watching, not the Charger!!!!

My favourite car (Modern) at this point in time has to be the current GT, the total value for money package as standard is amazing and with a few modest modifications (which can make significant, positive improvements), there is not one of my previous cars that comes even close however, if I had to pick one, it would be the E92 M3. Favourite older would be the Roadrunner.

In a past life, worked fulltime in the Wine industry and was with the one company for 37 years; these days I spend approx. 50% of my time still in the wine business, the balance split between property, MV Agusta motorcycles and the International Festival of Speed. I am also on a number of other associated motorcycle committees and Admin for various related Social media platforms.

Alfys personal status:

This is arguably the question on everyone’s lips: Is Alfy single????; well, the little Coyot is however if there is anyone interested in his personal profile go to: www.ecoyoteharmony.com; he has had an interesting life especially his long stint working with ACME products!

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