David Blackwood - Bayford Group

Car: 2019 Shelby GT

Colour: White with blue stripes


Lives: Melbourne

Sporting interests/teams: NBA – Golden State Warriors and AFL – Sydney Swans

Other Interests/hobbies: Playing basketball, spending time with the family……and sadly work!

Favourite music: Pearl Jam and Bruce Springsteen

Favourite place on Earth: My couch with a beer and the Footy on the big screen.

Have you got any pets? Too many – 3 dogs and 2 cats.


What’s your role at Bayford? Dealer Principal

How long have you worked at Bayford? Only 21 years on the 30th of August

For anyone that doesn’t know, who are Bayford and what’s their mantra? Bayford are the largest Ford Dealership in Australia and number 1 selling Dealer in Australia. We have 4 service outlets and two Dealerships (Bundoora and Epping) although Bundoora is a used sales site with parts and service.

The Epping Dealership was the first in Australia to feature Ford’s new impressive new global Dealership look and was opened in July 2017 by Elena Ford the great – great granddaughter of founder Henry Ford.

In 2017 and only one month after the new Dealership opened the Bayford family which owned and operated the business for 100 years making it one of Australia’s oldest family owned and operated Dealerships.

I have a staff compliment of 125 people working in the Ford business and many of them have been with me for a decade plus, with one even celebrating their 40 year work anniversary last year.

Our mantra is “Drive away happy” and we do this to providing a great work environment to our staff who I’d like to think drive to and from work happy every day and then pass on the drive away happy experience to the customer.

How long have you had your Mustang? This one is only 2 months old, but I’ve had a Mustang since the first one in December 2015 and have been lucky enough to have about 11 that I can count (might be more).

Does it have a nickname? I don’t have them long enough for nicknames

Why did you choose to buy a Mustang? Not really applicable, I technically haven’t paid for any of them 😉

Other than your Mustang, what has been your favourite car that you’ve owned? 1973 corvette big block manual resto-mod

What do you like to do to unwind? Travel or watch TV

Tell us something that not many people would know about you: When I was growing up I was a Chevy guy and actually hated Mustangs…….I’ve owned about 13 Corvettes, 2 V8 Commodores and 2 Jags with 350 Chev’s in them.

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