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Who We Are


Originally founded in 2015 by a small group of enthusiastic Mustang lovers, the Melbourne Mustang Club (MMC) is a club based in Melbourne that serves Victoria and broader Australia.


The club embraces owners of all model Mustangs to its gatherings!


The group rapidly grew through the back half of 2016 with the roll out of the 6th generation Mustang and now stands with over 2,300 members.  We actively engage on social media channels, through our website, at club arranged meets and, also, directly as friends.


With such a strong following, it is not unheard of to have 100+ mustangs thundering through the valleys on a club cruise day!


What We Do


Our primary goal is to have fun, enjoy our cars, create friendships and be family friendly.  With these goals in mind we regularly plan a variety of lively, diverse and interesting events through the year such as BBQ’s, track days, cruises, shows and “Cars & Coffee” meets.  We also work with our sponsors to make other unique and engaging events too.




Join us, Melbourne Mustang Club, any time, through our Facebook community page and get involved.  Registration for basic membership is completely free!


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We invest in our club through merchandise sales and sponsorship and just love to make things happen.


Why Join us


Your membership will give you access to:

•   A wide variety of exclusive club events including club cruises, car shows, various track events and more (some events may require payment)

•   Obtain exclusive discounts available from many of our sponsors

•   We are registered with Vic Roads for Club Scheme Permits

•   Receive advice and assistance from club members


Club Executive


Please contact one of the Executive members with any comments, concerns or suggestions.


Jiuliana McKenzie

Debbie Williams




Melbourne Mustang Club® is not affiliated or associated in any way with any other club, group or association.